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Deliciously chewy cookies to light, fluffy cakes and muffins to wholesome, airy breads, we have ‘em all and you won’t believe they are gluten-free! Try our range of desserts, breads, nut butters, granola bars and more, right here.


Craving cheese, desserts…? Try our vegan cream cheese – a hearty spread for your morning toast or a vegan muffin for your dessert craving. Our entire range of vegan products are strictly plant based, exclude eggs, dairy and all other animal-derived ingredients or ingredients processed using animal products. You will never guess these are free from dairy and eggs.


Why miss out on desserts just because you are eating low carb? Our keto products are made with stone-ground low carb nut, seed and coconut flour. Our sweetener is a pure and natural zero carb blend, no artificial sweetener and is diabetic friendly too! Dive into our tasty, healthy range of products without cheating on your diet.