About Us

The love of desserts, fitness and health and the need to have them co-exist in one world led to the creation of Guilt Free. Nisha is a self-taught home baker who grew up watching her mom bake the most delicious desserts and fell in love with baking. 

Her passion for fitness, love for quality food and the increasing nutritional and health awareness and food intolerances (allergy sufferers unite!) fuels her to continuously evolve herself and experiment with various ingredients to meet her client’s needs. She never fails to find the most natural, simplest and finest of ingredients from across the country, for a healthy start of your day, tasty treat or a healthy, sweet finish for a meal. 

Her menu includes vegan, gluten-free, low carb, sugar-free and keto-friendly products, from her home kitchen. She loves the flexibility, personal touch and the control on quality while working from her home studio.

Her range of healthy, sugar-free, refined oil and flour free, low carb products, with mostly organic ingredients, are here to help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle and clean eating. All products sip on organic cold-pressed oils, sweetened with organic jaggery, honey, dates and real fruit and buttered-up with homemade stone-ground nut and seed butters.